how far are you willing to bend?
by: elise reine
produced by: østgøtateatern (SE)





A body without face. A myth. A dream. Elise bjerkelund reine is exploring the contemporary efficiency and sexualization in an absurd and abstract universe. How far are you willing to bend takes starting point in the circus performers experiences to push their own, or other boundaries and to question the power structures. Who adapts, who determines?

In six different presentations, played out as chapters of a performing manifest, we get to follow Elise and the guesting artists: Adalberto Fernandez Torres(chapter 1), Julie Bergez(chapter 2), Mau Cugat(chapter 3) solo/elise(chapter 4), Niklas Blomberg(chapter 5) in a search for answers through music, text, choreography and frustration, to all meet at the final chapter: SIX/SEX.

With and experimental and fearless entrance twists, turns and stretches the concepts and make space for a power shift. The fragmented bodies arise, write poetry, dance to pumping beats, awakes the rage and laughter.

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Photo: klara granberg