-not to fall under the pressure of improvised movements

by cie tanter (dk)

premiered april 2015

Absurd, insane and magnificent; three women throw themselves at female stereotypes – building them up and tearing them apart. What is a strong woman and what makes her break? Vixen is a power blast of energy, performed with comic timing, absurd images and pathos. The restrictions around presenting yourself as female come to be like the form of a poem, a space vast and rich with resonance. This is a show for anyone who questions the rules of being yourself. With two ropes, contortion and a swinging trapeze, between the elegant and the hysterical, the brutal and the self-controlled, Tanter bring a full-on hour of fanatically female soul flashing explosion.

Artistic team:
On stage and company founders: Karoline Aamås, Moa Asklof Prescott, Elise Bjerkelund Reine
Artistic director of Vixen: Anika Barkan
Outside eye: Angela Laurier
Composer/music: Mika Forsling
Costumes: Line Frank
Photo/video: Andreas Bergmann Steen

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