norwegian ninjas
by lisa ødegaard and elise bjerkelund reine
toured dec 2016-feb 2020
Banged to life through 80’s hits, they can still feel those beats and attitudes in their bodies. A mix between a modern punk, a teenage rebellion and playful child Norwegian essential ninja-skills is being tested out. Using the already well-developed body- control from a lifetime of circus skills, and a bad attitude after some proper years of teenage crime. It will all come together in this comedy-, reality- show.

Through years of experience within circus disciplines as contortion, swinging trapeze and chinese pole, we are always on a quest to learn new incredible skills, with more or less success. Exploring new disciplines, such as bullwhipping, knifethrowing and rollerskating is the Ninjaquest, accepting inevitable failure is the Ninjaway. The more difficult the better, the more failure along the way, the stronger grows the Ninjaspirit.

Created in collaboration with zip zap(Cape town), punkshangaren(SE) and AFUK scene.

Artistic ideas, production and direction: Lisa Ødegaard and Elise Bjerkelund Reine
Extravaganza guest artists: Mike Maccallum, Princesses tweedle needle, Zora van der blast, Mitch Jones, Eos Karlsson, the amazing other, aurelie Bernard
Photo esthetics: Andreas Bergmann Steen

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