louee soient-elles
by opera de rouen/david bobee (FR)
premiered march 2019

Female figures are at the heart of this concert of arias by Handel. A gallery of portraits that shows all the diversity in a feminist staging by David Bobée.

Strong, independent, warrior, passionate women, these are often the qualities of Handel's heroines: from Esther the saving queen to the chaste Suzanne outraged, from Semele who is consumed with love and Dalila the traitorous prostitute to Deborah the head of war, the composer expressed in his oratorios a range of complex feelings where women appear in all their humanity. An emotional palette that gives rise to pyrotechnic vocalizations, poignant laments or tragic largos. Under the direction of conductor Iñaki Encina Oyón, a specialist in the baroque repertoire, the two singers Yun Jung Choi and Aude Extrémo embody these heroines. The director David Bobée has chosen to add the performances of Élise Bjerkelund Reine, Xiao Yi Liu and Ella Ganga to them, in order to "propose a way of emancipation, fulfilled, rebellious, joyful and conquering... , feminist. »

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